Testimonials intro

Penske Power Systems

“I’ve been working with Clive and Perry Watson Design for about 11 years. I’ve moved jobs and have taken them wherever I went. We do have a relationship based on trust with Perry Watson Design and the other members of our team independently choose them because they are so easy to deal with. In addition, they provide very good services, are prompt and their pricing is very fair. When you’re really busy, having a low maintenance supplier to deal with is a pleasure.

They come up with good ideas and options to choose from and they are flexible. For example, Perry Watson gives us five or six ideas and we can distil what we want from the selection they provide. The time saved is huge for us because there’s no need to go back and forth in the process. Having the options upfront helps us to eliminate and decide what we do want. That’s a strong ROI for us because of the time saved. Ultimately, our stakeholders are happy with what we do and that’s very important.

We used to use PWD 20% of the time and another agency 80% of the time but now we use PWD almost 100%. Recommending them is easy because they’re easy to work with and provide good value and that’s great. Where the other agency took 6 months to “get” something we wanted done, we gave it to Perry Watson Design and they got it right first go. We load them with a lot of work and while they are a smaller agency they’re faster than the bigger ones.

From others I have spoken to, I’d say they’ve got a pretty loyal following at Perry Watson Design”

Kim Ruddock
National Marketing Manager
Penske Power Systems
Altona North, VIC


“I have worked with Perry Watson for over 5 years. They are incredibly professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Whether I need help with major campaigns or day to day artwork support the turnaround time is always quick and the results of an extremely high standard. Perry Watson work with me as true partner to our business — as I have often said — they make me look good!”

Nicola Anderson
Brand Manager
Hiab Australia

Ritchies Supermarkets

“We use Perry Watson Design exclusively as our design and web partners because they understand us and our business. They’re a friendly, affable and a “can do” company with warmth and sincerity as their hallmark!

They do what they say they will, deliver on time, the quality is good and it’s not over expensive and that all adds up to value. As a company dedicated to service and value we do appreciate the same in our suppliers.

They designed me as a stick figure and it looks good. The idea they had for the Community Benefit card is a great design. I certainly would recommend them.”

Fred Harrison
CEO, Ritchies Supermarkets
Carrum Downs, VIC

Australian Practice Nurses Association

“I’m sure not the best client!  I’m light on briefs – but Perry Watson design always understands what I need.  I class them as friends and they deliver.  From a work perspective and from a design perspective it reflects well on me in my role with my stakeholders.  It’s their job to make people look good and that’s what they do for me.

Their design is very clean and always looks good.  They do it on time and their customer service is good.  They get it – they just get it!  Their responsiveness to urgent stuff when I am under the pump is really appreciated and they do everything they can to help make it happen for me.

I’m very happy with their work.  They’ve got all of our branding and corporate identity and they understand what we want and we know it’s reliable.  I have recommended them because they’re good and I know that others I’ve recommended them to think they’re good as well.”

Matthew Hall
General Manager – Member Services
Australian Practice Nurses Association
South Melbourne, VIC

Priority One Training

“A big thankyou to Perry Watson Design for your creative approach to the design and production of several of our licensed training programs/ products and also the learning and development materials of our Asian based Clients. 
All are utilized throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Perry Watson Design has ensured that all our printed matter and promotional products strategically link to the international branding of PRIORITY ONE TRAINING. Every step of the way Perry Watson Design has been willing to listen, discuss, provide advice and very importantly, action within the agreed timeframe. 
Customer Service is A1.
 What I like so much is that your expertise is projected in a very professional, personal and friendly manner. We have and will continue to recommend the high quality services of Perry Watson Design.”

Ian Newgreen

Australia & Asia

Australian Physiotherapy Association

“I have the advantage of many years in the industry and Perry Watson Design demonstrated they were a cut above the other agencies when we first met them and everyone felt the same about them. They’re professional and very responsive – they’re quite unlike any other design team I’ve worked with. They have no ego about their own designs. They are happy to revise and revise until everyone is happy – but they have integrity and won’t just cave in either. They’ll work to understand the need and creatively respond creatively and raise the alert if they think the client is going in the wrong direction.

I was so impressed with their work that I brought the publication I was working on across to them as well. It’s a scientific journal. I really enjoy working with them and they’re thoroughly nice people and I’m very happy with what I get.

One of Perry Watson Design’s other strengths is that they are really good teachers. We’re developing processes at their suggestion and, as a result, we are all comfortable with our streamlined approach to the way we work.

When it comes to publications, meeting deadlines is critical and Perry Watson Design is very respectful of these. They know I’m in terrible strife if things aren’t done on time and the efforts they go to on our behalf are valued and appreciated. They make the juggling act much more manageable.”

Judy Waters
Co-coordinator Journal of Physiotherapy
Australian Physiotherapy Association
Camberwell, VIC

“I have worked with Perry Watson Design as our design house since 2007 and we have a good rapport, which is so important. They have developed knowledge of our industry and design needs and I enjoy working with them; I enjoy their personalities and appreciate their comments, input and ideas. I especially appreciate our interaction and their professional opinion.

The openness and honesty of the relationship means a lot to me as my role is time pressured and trust plays a big part. I have no qualms in raising things if I’m not totally happy and the way they receive feedback is appreciated. They take it on board and act on it. There’s a genuine desire to please and their responsiveness is fantastic.

I would recommend them because of their integrity, their capacity for designing and layout and technical skills. Our magazine needs to be different and fresh each issue and they work to achieve that. The flexibility they offer is critical for me.”

Marko Stechiwskyj
Managing Editor
Australian Physiotherapy Association
Camberwell, VIC, 3124