Perry Watson Design (PWD) is a multi-faceted design studio in Melbourne.

Our team is small, but when it comes to branding and design we’re light on our feet, and – if we may say so ourselves – punch well above our weight division. A logo, a journal, website, annual report, conference program, a glossy magazine: we have it covered.

Our founding roots are in quality typesetting, so we take particular pride in our publications. We’re unapologetic about our obsessive attention to style and detail.

We also love the personal approach. We prefer to see ourselves as an extension of your communications team, including you in the entire production process from initial briefing and presentation of design concepts right through to proofing and printing the finished publication.

We believe in cutting to the chase, in producing simple, effective print and website design that engages its target market and delivers results.

On time. On budget. On point.

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Our design philosophy

Albert Einstein once said that everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. He was theorising about physics but he may as well have been talking about visual design. More than ever before, design is critical. Our talent is clarifying and simplifying your message for a cluttered marketplace. We love doing that. Keeping things simple. Whether it’s a logo, magazine, annual report, website … it’s all about clarity. Simple, effective design creates clear, satisfying communication.
As a very clever designer, Leonardo Da Vinci, once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The work we’re REALLY good at

We produce regular publications – journals, monthly magazines, annual reports, conference programs – that adhere to strict timeframes and deadlines.
We use the latest publishing software to ensure we’re on time and on budget.
We’re very particular about typographic accuracy and style. Very!
We offer web and digital media solutions that are both user friendly and look great.
Most importantly, our pricing is always competitive and encourages long-term partnerships.

We’re business class at economy rates

  • We pride ourselves on design work that is cost-effective, dynamic and professional.
  • We provide all the polish of the biggest agencies with the economy and personal touch – and flexibility – of a boutique designer.
  • We have a small staff but you’d be hard-pressed finding a more diverse set of skills.
  • From design to precision typesetting, from logos to billboards, we handle the lot.
  • We’re efficient and we’re economical. And our clients stick.