Our Team

Clive Watson


Clive is the director of Perry Watson Design and has 30-something years in the industry (can't be more precise as the records are hazy). Most of those years have been in small studios that require expertise in the gamut of design work, from logos to magazines, from signage to billboards. Clive's professional attributes are an inexhaustible well of patience, a pedantic attention to detail, and lashings of good humour. Also his Christmas client lunches are legendary. Outside the office his hobbies are surfing, watching football (yes he is a Collingwood supporter, inexplicably). And playing banjo.

Fiona Alleyn


In a small studio like this, you can’t have too many superstars. So we’d quite like two Fionas. She’s back at Perry Watson for a second stint, after an eight-year hiatus during which she had a child (Sully, now at school) while discovering, mercifully, that city life is more to her liking than a sleepy bush outpost like Ballarat. Fiona is a Geelong supporter, so has already got all the premierships due in her lifetime out of the way, and is therefore happy to chat about all manner of other subjects. Her special one, however, is design.

Caitlin Parkinson


Caitlin may strike you as shy and retiring, but appearances can be deceptive. Behind that laidback exterior is a switched-on designer who bounded into our studio in March 2014 full of smart ideas. She seemed a tad obsessive when it came to talking typography, but then, who are we to criticise? We also discovered that she is an intrepid skier, although we have since learnt it’s “Buller only” (not that we’re judging). Anyhow, turns out Caitlin not only builds fabulous websites (this is one of them) and does creative things with type, but she’s been with us so long now that she knows our clients’ style back to front and has quickly become our No.1 fixer.

Lachlan Kiernan


We weren’t surprised to learn at his job interview that Lachie always wanted to work in design. He not only sports the sweeping Gallic fringe and quirky taste in shirts of the design aficionado, but also the tragic love of a boutique football team (Melbourne, if you need to know). As you may have gathered, he’s our design all-rounder, always ready with the left-field solution. It’s actually amazing how often they work out. He also likes fishing, going to the gym, and collecting cravats. (OK we may have made that last one up.)